Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fantasy Lover by Kristie Leigh Maguire

Today I am doing something different here at Sizzling Hot Romance. I am presenting to you one of my short stories that is featured on my web page, Kristie's Quickies. I wrote Fantasy Lover when my husband was working overseas for an extended period of time and I was back in the States ... alone and horny as hell.

The title of this blog is SIZZLING Hot Romance and I can guarantee you that Fantasy Lover is SIZZLING HOT! Enjoy the read!

Fantasy Lover
by Kristie Leigh Maguire

I close my eyes and see your face, so ruggedly handsome, such dreamy brown eyes that look into my soul. I run my fingers over your cheek, feel the roughness of your skin from the exposure to the weather, the stubble of your whiskers. I run my fingers through your brown hair, feel its texture, and smell its fragrance. I inhale your scent, so masculine, so uniquely you.

I hold out my arms. You come to me. Your embrace is safe, warm and comforting. I lean my head against your strong shoulders as you pull me tight against you, my body pressing against the strength of yours. You give me your strength; it flows from your body to mine as we hold each other tight.

Your hands are rough from work. Their touch is so masculine, so comforting. You tilt my head up as you brush back my hair and smile at me, a smile so soft and tender, so loving, so caring, so full of your love for me. I smile back at you. I am filled with your love.

You lean your head down and kiss me. Your lips are soft and tender as they press against mine. I feel your love passing through your lips to mine as we kiss. I return your kiss and take comfort from it. I am no longer an empty vessel. I am filled with your love to overflowing. You are here with me once again. I am no longer alone. My heart sings in joy at your presence.

I feel your hands on my body as they caress me. My body tingles from your touch. I press closer to you; I cannot get close enough to your body.

I step back from your warm embrace. We look into each other’s eyes. It is time; time to make love, precious sweet love. I untie the belt from my robe and the robe slides to the floor. I am naked for you. I reach out and untie the belt to your robe. Your body is so handsome to me.

I run my fingers over your chest and feel the coarseness of your hair, the strength of your muscles. I feel your hands on my body, molding me, playing me, making me sing, and making my body come alive to your tune. I am melting into you. I feel your mouth on my nipple. It peaks into your warm mouth. I cry out with joy at the sensation and pull your head closer to me. I want you. I need you!

I reach down and take you in my hand. You are so hot. So hard. You moan at my touch and beg for more. I feel your hand on me, caressing me. I am hot, wet. I feel your finger as it rubs against me. I beg for more. I have to have more!

Your strong arms lift me and my legs wrap around your waist. I feel you at my entrance begging admittance. I open to you. You are hot, hard and throbbing as you enter me. I wrap myself around you as you hold me in the strength of your arms. We are joined, moving in tune with each other. We are playing our song, our own special song, so uniquely ours.

I feel your strength, your love as it flows through you to me. Give me your strength, your love. I need you, baby! Fill me to overflowing, take me, love me as no other can! I feel you in me; I feel myself wrapped around your hardness as we move together, joined in love. My body sings! My heart cries out! My love for you is flowing!

I feel you throbbing in me, filling me to overflowing with your love. We move faster, our bodies crying out in need as we play our song, our own perfect love song.

I lick the sweat from your body with my tongue as you hold me cupped in your strong arms, moving with me, moving together. Our lips join and our tongues tangle as we kiss. My body tenses and my stomach muscles tighten. I feel your response within me. We cry out with joy as our song reaches the end, our bodies throbbing in tune with it. We hold each other close as the last strains of the melody fades away.

I whisper to you, “Will you come to me tomorrow night, my love?”

I hear your soft reply, “I am yours, all yours. Just close your eyes, baby—I will be here for you whenever you need me.”

Kristie Leigh Maguire © 2001

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