Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Katie Holmes can earn $3,000 an hour: Kristin

Katie Holmes can earn $3,000 an hour: Kristin

katie_holmes_12Katie Holmes could have earned 3,000 dollars an hour if she was a hooker, says the infamous madam Kristin Davis.
In an interview with Steppin' Out, the Wicked Models boss arrested after the Eliot Spitzer scandal revealed how much the celebs like Britney Spears, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton would have earned if they were a hooker.

"Katie would be very popular because she has that All-American college girl look," the New York Daily News quoted Kristin as saying.

"I could probably get 2,500 dollars an hour for Katie . Maybe even 3,000 dollars," she added.

‘ Changeling’ star Angelina Jolie would be Kristin’s top girl.
"She would be my top girl. I call it my ''Number One’. I would put her at 2,000 dollars an hour. But you couldn't get her unless you booked her for four hours," she said.

Since pop diva Britney Spears can cleaned up her act, she can get 2,000 dollars an hour, according to Kristin.

She added; “During her shaved-head period, she would have earned half that.”
Talking about former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Kristin said that she would not have any market for her.

"I wouldn't have any market for her. She's cute, but not for my kind of clients ... She could work for a cheaper agency - maybe a 300 dollars-an-hour type agency," she said.

In her opinion, Paris Hilton and Melania Trump can also earn up to 2,000 dollars an hour in the oldest profession.

Kristin, who served three months in jail, is about to publish a book, ‘ The Real Sex in the City: True Tales of the Manhattan Madam’ , which contains the names of powerful politicians, Wall Street bigwigs, celebrities, doctors and lawyers who patronized her call-girl ring.

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